Player Highlights

  • Mizak is one of the most exciting young football players in Ghana. Naturally gifted player with a sensational ball control.

  • Right footed, very quick and has an excellent technical qualities, has good dominion of dribbling, oriented control and he is a good passer.

  • He works a lot and well pressuring the defenders and helping the midfielder to recover the ball, creating much danger and positions himself well to shoot at goal.

  • Moves about well and creating chances for the other forwards.

  • Very quick, has good change of rhythm, runs at top speed and very difficult to mark. good dribbler and with open space ahead can be very dangerous to defense.

  • Very strong player, has an excellent start and stop, charges very well against opponent.

  • He seeks the 1 on 1 every time he as the chance with great ability, pace and change of rhythm and speed.

  • Generally shows a good attitude towards team-work, mostly on attack where he participates actively.

  • Dribbles very well with his right foot, mastered the simple dribble at great speed and protects the ball very well.


2019 - Member of the National U15 of Ghana

2020- Won the AFA League with Golden Kick Sporting Club

2020- Won the Promising Star of the AFA league

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