Player Highlights

  • Insaidoo is endowed with prodigious physical ability, strong and sharp, and possessing a high technical quality.

  • His capacity to exchange positions (midfield and defense) and as a defensive midfielder provides solidity, reliability, order and, above all, a sense of calm and control of every situation. In addition, he is a central midfielder who handles the ball well.

  • He reads the game well and executes satisfactorily the work of building play. He is trustworthy raising the ball, and combining in short passes

  • He is not solely a marker, but more than that; he does well at anticipating and cutting out danger. He compliments this with great positioning. He is, finally, very aware of his own strengths and weaknesses, and therefore strives to play every match with maximum concentration

-Consistently wins his one against one challenges and passes quickly and accurately

-Very good placement on the field

-Strong in the air both on offense and defense

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