Player Highlights


    • Kobina is a typical number 9, strong fast and always searching for opportunity to score.
  • Very talented player with great skills, vision and an eye for goal.

  • He serves and receives passes perfectly short and long.

  • Pure and natural goal score and can be a vital finisher for any club looking for a top goal scorer.

  • Good shooter and an excellent finisher.

  • He scores frequently with both feet.

Offensive Tactics:

  • His main characteristics are his excellent technical abilities, speed, electric pace and accurate and long range shots.

  • He has excellent pace and with good possession skills, connects crosses with the head occasionally and is a good header of the ball.

  • He has abundance technique, skills, speed and is a good dribbler.

  • He shows great pace around the pitch and a unique ability to break away from even the fastest defenders when on the ball.

  • He also possesses excellent technical skills and runs at defenders.

  • He uses a combination of speed, quick, technical and clever touches to manage his way through tight 1v1 and 1v2 confrontations.

  • He scores a lot with powerful shots with both foots. Sometime likes to attack from the flanks.

  • He has got a good view of the game, very good positioning and good passing skills (long and short).

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